Welcome to FCell 3.0!

FCell is an Excel XLL Add-In which makes it possible to customize Excel application as well as individual Excel workbooks with .NET code without VSTO or VBA.

Main features:

  • Easy to use: simply select any existing .NET assemblies to define Excel UDFs, customize Excel Ribbon or create Custom Task Pane

  • Workbook .NET customization : embed .NET customization assemblies in Excel workbook, no runtime installation required.

  • Create a workbook .NET customization in embedded F#/C#/VB.NET code editors. Source code is saved in the workbook.

  • Calculation Engine: programmatically create generic cells with dependencies, in or out of Excel

  • Expose any .NET public members as UDFs, including constructors, instance methods and properties.

  • Expose up to 10 000 UDFs from any number of .NET assemblies. Each UDF can have up to 32 arguments.

  • RTD based object and F# function handles: keep live instances of .NET objects, including F# functions.

  • Package customization assemblies into one XLL Add-In for easy deployment.

  • Asynchronous functions: use F# async or [XlAsync] attribute.

  • Stream live data into spreadsheet: simply return IObservable<'T> or IEvent<'T> from UDF.

  • Automatic data conversions for input arguments and return value. You can use primitive types, arrays, tuples and more.

  • [XlConverter] attribute for custom data type converters or define explicit cast.

  • [XlVolatile] attribute to define volatile UDFs.

  • [XlTypeFeed] attribute for methods which create types defining UDFs or Ribbons at runtime.

  • [XlWorkbookOpen] and [XlWorkbookClose] attributes to define .NET code which runs on workbook open/close or workbook customization Build.

  • Inherit from XlRibbon class to define custom Excel Ribbon and Custom Task Pane

  • Use embedded code editor in F# interactive mode.

  • AssemblyFeed MEF extension: implement custom source of customization and referenced assemblies, e.g. load references from NuGet feed

  • SourceCodeManager MEF extension: implement custom workbook source code manager, e.g. integrate with source code repository

  • Protect your workbook and excel customizations with runtime license keys.

FCell pricing and licensing information is available at fcell.io

For news and updates follow us on Twitter: @FCellAddIn

For basic support go to Google Group FCell Add-In.

Enterprise licensing and support available. Contact us via fcell.io