For a quick start follow these steps:

Install FCell on your machine

Follow the steps described here

Check if FCell trial or paid license is installed.

  • Open Excel and go to FCell Ribbon

    FCell Menu
  • Click on About button

  • See Licensed To section

If no license is found then follow the steps described here

If an unsigned license (*.dlsc file) is found then please send it to FCell support by email.

Create a new .NET enabled workbook

Open Excel and go to FCell Ribbon and click on New Doc button:

FCell Menu

Choose location for your new workbook and click Create. The workbook will open in Excel.

New Doc

Create .NET User Defined Functions in embedded code editors (choose F#, C# or VB.NET)

Open a code editor and create a simple function. Click on Build and use the function in Excel:

FSharp Udf In Cell