New in FCell 3.0:

  • Calculation Engine: programmatically create Excel-like cell/formula based models in pure .NET. Use in and out of Excel.

  • [XlTypeFeed] attribute for static methods: dynamically create types with UDFs and Ribbon definitions.

  • [XlWorkbookOpen] and [XlWorkbookClose] methods now run at each workbook Build as well

  • ThisExcel and ThisWorkbook for setting and getting values from Excel ranges with automatic type conversion.

  • ActiveWorkbook type provider is no longer available. Please use ThisWorkbook

  • Option<'T> arrays, lists and seqs are now automatically converted in UDFs.

  • FCell built-in converter from Excel data into 'T array where 'T is not F# option type will now ignore blank and empty string cells.

  • There is now only 1 license type and license model is subscription based.

  • FCell 3.0 can be installed from msi package for 32/64 bit Windows without Admin access or directly activated via Excel AddIns

  • Improvements to stability, performance and memory usage


Customization assemblies created with previous FCell versions might need to be recompiled. In order to upgrade a workbook with embedded source code please use it as a template in New Doc, add again embedded assemblies and recompile.